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Reviving Yourself.

Drowning yourself in self-pity and unhappiness in probably the easiest thing a person can do. it takes no extra effort, hard word from your side but takes away all your enthusiasm, love and respect for the self, creativity and motivation for a brighter tomorrow. As a kid, I was dissatisfied with almost everything, Ihad so many things to complain about that I forgot to rejoice the small moments and gifts life has to offer. All I did was surround myself with biology, trigonometry, geometry, history and other never ending lists. When I startedrealizing that what I had been doing is not the right way and tried to step out, Iforget to balance it with those books Ineeded to read, and Isunk. Ididn't even know where Iactually went wrong and when I ACTUALLY understood the importance of balance, it was too late to drag the boat out of the sea. Ifound myself in the middle of nowhere, with no emotions, aspirations, motivations or friends for Ihad traded them all with the so called freedom.