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Sixteen years of innocence and two years of wilderness- she, to herself, was a mess, a pile of junk, a useless moron. It was a mystery to herself-she did not know how she turned this way, why she found happiness in the dark, why she enjoyed loneliness. She didn’t know how she lost her self confidence or why she never gained any. She was a dreamer, a useless and worthless day dreamer- dreaming the days that were never to come true and never to come real. She lived a life she was given but she wanted to live a life she dreamed of. She had been breathing to survive but she wanted to breathe to live. She had everything- food, shelter, clothes, approach to education, family, friends-everything that a middle class family could afford but still there was something that was lacking within her. She wasn’t contempt. There was something that was missing, something she needed the most was lacking. She had a body but she wanted a soul, she wanted a life. She had seen herself breaking apart and n…